We have added support for friends! Everyone is automatically friends with Caleb, and you can send a friend request to anyone. This is a great way to get to know other Apex Kids!


What Can Friends Do?

  • The Friends feature gives you notifications whenever a friend posts on the main form or groups. It's a great way to keep up-to-date with your Apex Friends!

Friend Request Notifications

  • Friend Requests will show up as a red number on the Friends Icon in your dashboard. 

Friend Request Notification:

Adding A Friend From The Members Portal

  1. Go to the Community
  2. Click "Members"
  3. To add a member as a friend, click "add as friend"
  4. You can also optionally Follow a member to receive notifications on their comments and posts

How To Add a Member As A Friend From Their Profile 

  1.  Go the member's profile
  2. Click "Add As Friend"
  3. They will then be sent a friend request from you.

How To Unfriend

Note: Members will not be notified if you unfriend them

  1. Go the member's profile
  2. Hover over "Friend"
  3. Click "Unfriend"

How To Unfollow

Unfollowing allows you to still be friends, just not see as many notifications for their posts and comments. Members also will not be notified if you unfollow them.

  1.  Go the member's profile
  2. Hover over "Following"
  3. Click "Stop Following"